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Executive Recruiting Firm Mission Statement

To utilize our unique combination of E-Resources and personal attention in becoming the leading provider of premier executives and technologists.

Our Purpose

To collaborate with our client firms, allowing them to improve the staffing and, in turn, exceed their corporate goals.

Our Core Values

  • Providing tangible value to both our clients and our partners
  • Having enthusiasm for work and helping our fellow professionals
  • Acting ethically and placing others’ benefits before our own
  • Ensuring balance in the lives of each of our team


Ronald Ternosky

With a background as a Viet Nam era officer, an International Sales VP and Telecom Director, Ron is well armed with relationship and management skills. However, his desire to associate with the "best of breed" is a prime factor that allows our firm to excel.

It is his personal belief that given a level playing field, the company with exceptional people will triumph at an exceptional rate. Based on this premise, he has always had a natural desire to meet, know and maintain relations with corporate "winners."

This value proposition is carried over to each search Recruit Inc. undertakes. We commence our active affiliation with corporate clients only after acquiring an in-depth understanding of both their business and corporate culture. Then, and only then, can we provide the level of personal service that has driven our exceptional success.

When you are truly serious about the improving the success ratio of your firm and willing to make a commitment to staffing quality, RecruitInc stands ready to collaborate.

Ronald Ternosky Plano, Texas professional executive search

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